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proximity kitchensystem task centers 1 of 7: Supply

Supply is the first of the seven “task centers” in the proximity kitchensystem philosophy.

When we discuss supply, we talk about the various activities involved in bringing food, cleaning gear, tools, equipment, cookware and so forth into the kitchen. We could talk about grocery shopping as the main activity and for the most part we’d be correct for the vast majority of the life of a given kitchen. In this case, however, we’re talking about the design process which gives life to the kitchen, and dictates for the whole of that life whether it’s truly functional or not.

In the design process we have to consider the sequence of tasks as they occur in cookery, so “supply” takes on a much wider scope of influence. Things like the location of the kitchen relative to the entrance through which the groceries will be brought into the home…the location of the pantry and fridge relative to that entry…landing area for the supplies immediately inside or outside of the kitchen entry…are there steps up or down anywhere in the path from the conveyance to the storage area…access to the actual storage system…the list goes on.