Full service design program


$4000.00 (Project Initiation Fee with subsequent hourly billing @ $200 per hour)

  • Needs Analysis questionnaire is completed by Client.
  • Site Assessment is performed at site by us or by Client depending on circumstance.
  • An “as-built” or “existing conditions” plan is generated by us, including adjacent spaces as appropriate.
  • We work up an optimal plan based upon comprehensive study of Needs Analysis and interview(s) with Client.
  • Client comments and responds with changes if any.
  • We clarify and revise plan to incorporate Client input.
  • Client approves plan.
  • We generate elevations.
  • Client comments.
  • We clarify and revise elevations to incorporate Client input.
  • Client approves elevations.
  • We provide mechanical, electrical and plumbing schematics to coincide with Client’s appliances, plumbing fixtures and so forth.
  • Lighting and switching plan is generated if requested.
  • Plan set is issued to bidders or quoted by us, or both per Client's instruction.