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There were some constraining mandate issues in this kitchen, relative to the strict application of the proximity Principles. Designed to accommodate bi-weekly parties, there is a deliberate re-arrangement of the Wet Prep and Scullery areas, effectively combining them in and around one quite large (40” actual width) basin. Combining the two functions in this manner is usually only done where space constraints are extremely tight. Note the variation in the locations of the tall/deep components of the plan: The fridge and a small bar sink “cross the T” with the service area for the bartender tight in the corner but facing the gathering area. The combined Wet- and Hot Prep areas are backed up to a combined food and dish storage area, which hold full sets of china for 48. The aisle is slightly wider than the kitchensystem standard, in order to accommodate wait-staff and chefs in the same footprint. The combination of four Gaggenau 200 Series Vario cooktops, both a 60cm and a 30” Gaggenau convection oven as well as a Combi-Steam oven allow continuous turnover of food for guests that can number eighty before any caterer’s equipment need be brought in.

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