Why I Work

I love design. LOVE it. Of the various design project types I take on, kitchens are the most fun for me because of their innate complexity. Issues included are functional, technical, aesthetic, personal, interpersonal, egotistical, spatial, logistical, financial…the list goes on but that’s plenty for now.

For someone who loves to solve problems it’s just a little slice of heaven. For someone who also likes to help others the slice gets bigger; add honing one’s craft on a daily basis and it starts to get seriously…pleasant.

However, the real treat comes from the fact that once a project is complete, I’ve been able to change a clients life. When I see the look on a clients’ face when the result of all the work has finally become real to them, how much more organized, easier and generally pleasant the client’s life is as a result of the work we’ve done together; there’s really nothing quite like it.

I work in many different design disciplines. Of all of them, kitchens are consistently the most fun.

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