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Design adds value

It’s not always enough to design something for a client, especially the way things are today. Today, we need our clients engaged in the design process. We need them involved in a collaboration perhaps not of equal but of complimentary talent, information and motivation.

Very often you’ll need to educate the client to a point where they become aware not only of design but of how to think about it.

Really?  I’ve been doing this almost 38 years, and I have done my best to learn something or some hundred things EVERY DAY, including weekends, and I’m supposed to share this with every client?  Worse, I’m supposed to share how I reached my conclusions?  Impossible, you’ll likely say.

And you’ll be exactly right.  Unfortunately…

There’s some younger, smarter, more tech facebook twitter pinterest houzz cultivate whatever-savvy individual who has decided that he can simply get between you and your client and take the work you rightly should be doing. Worse, that person may not even have any schooling in design.  Five years from now, this guy’s your competition…

And that’s exactly wrong, given the predictable result.


Right and wrong, in this case, are irrelevant.

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Why I Work

I love design. LOVE it. Of the various design project types I take on, kitchens are the most fun for me because of their innate complexity. Issues included are functional, technical, aesthetic, personal, interpersonal, egotistical, spatial, logistical, financial…the list goes on but that’s plenty for now.

For someone who loves to solve problems it’s just a little slice of heaven. For someone who also likes to help others the slice gets bigger; add honing one’s craft on a daily basis and it starts to get seriously…pleasant.

However, the real treat comes from the fact that once a project is complete, I’ve been able to change a clients life. When I see the look on a clients’ face when the result of all the work has finally become real to them, how much more organized, easier and generally pleasant the client’s life is as a result of the work we’ve done together; there’s really nothing quite like it.

I work in many different design disciplines. Of all of them, kitchens are consistently the most fun.

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Durable Goods For Hard Times

Tired of hearing that American companies can’t compete with the foreign manufacturers in the design of kitchens (or cars, appliances, furniture, whatever). Sick of feeling as though some slick sales type is aiming a vacuum cleaner at your wallet? Want a modicum of personal attention before you part with your money? Great design and service, real quality and substance in the products you buy? To be certain the products you buy are actually green, not just green-washed? Want to do business with a company which strives to improve its products every day? Which, as a policy, seeks to lower the consumer price of its product range on a continuous basis, not by lowering standards but in the old-fashioned way: through innovation in the design and manufacturing process? We take an ethical approach to business. We will only grow as fast as we can serve the client in front of us. We take our business personally. We believe in and practice the Golden Rule. These are business practices and policies which have made America great in the past, and, if revived, can make America great once more. If you agree, check in – let’s talk about cooking you up the kitchen of your dreams.

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