The General Rant

What we don’t do:

• Fancy marketing.
• Mellifluous descriptions of products and services.
• Packaging.
• Spin-doctoring.
• Make inflated claims justifying exorbitant prices for things which, once installed, are found to be mediocre.
• Simply accept what is offered as a solution in any given situation.
• Believe that wisdom can be conventional.

As the man said, we "let the music do the talking".

What we do:

• Strive to improve on excellence.
• Provide value for your money as opposed to verbiage.
• Pay attention to detail, not profit margins.
• Realize that while re-inventing the wheel might not be a great idea, inventing flight may well have been one.

Many feel one should think " outside the box". We live there. This makes some people a little nervous, and for this we apologize.

How does this benefit you, the client? Well, maybe not at all.

If you want something similar to what your neighbors have, you might want to call their design team. If you are like most of the people you know, you might not want to come outside that box and play with us. If you are reluctant to stand apart from the crowd, we probably aren’t your best bet.

And while we live and breathe value for money, we aren’t exactly cheap.

What do you get from us? Talent. Substance. Passion. Tenacity. Brilliant solutions. Comfort. Spaces that actually respond to the way you live, not how we think you should.

Design exists, in our thinking, to improve your life. Not that we think we are solving world hunger, but on a daily basis, if you are living in a space we’ve designed or with one or more of our products, we believe you will have a better life. Otherwise, let’s face it, what’s the point?

Does this mean you won’t love looking at what we create for you? Of course not.

Look, you work hard to get what you want. From our perspective, what you want is someone(s) to help you provide yourself with an environment which will reflect a sense of your style, your verve, a sense of fun and excitement - perhaps even what the French call joie de vivre.

Let’s wake up, here, and remember that the reason you’re working so hard is to have the life you want. What that life is, is something only you know. It is one of our main tasks to ferret that out, and to ensure it permeates the design work we do for you. What we do is help you outfit that life. We point out where things could be better. (This has annoyed more than one general contractor.) We point out where things are unacceptable. (This has really annoyed some general contractors.) We insist that standards are exceeded. One or two contractors love us for these things.

We don’t really care about people’s egos. We care that our clients are treated fairly. We care about value for dollar. We will not, however, stand by and allow our clients to mis-treat a tradesman or a contractor, and we have been known to resign from projects because we felt a client was dishonest or unethical. The same applies to trades and contractors. Dishonesty or lack of ethics equals summary termination.

Are we jousting at windmills? Perhaps. Do we examine our lives, and seek to improve them on a daily basis? Certainly. Does that inform everything we do on behalf of our clientele?